profileNicholas Scragg | Graphic Designer

Over a long decade ago in a world that far  proceeded double taps, likes & a Twittersphere… a less eloquently bearded human was spray painting wall’s, making punk rock reggae albums, & doodling comic books about 70’s Police Officers doing battle alongside glasses of wine who were the reincarnation of Greek Gods. But I soon learned Dionysus wasn’t gonna pay the bills.

From there we hit 2006 and the hype around the movie film “Borat” wasn’t the only big news baby! My adventures in professional art & stuff took me to the designing of patterns and logos for umbrellas which I brought the visual magic to for a few years. But as we all know umbrellas are a big scam and don’t work, buy a poncho (no free ads).

Off to 2010 where Wiki-leaks and the drug war in Mexico weren’t the only things heating up. This guys professional art & stuff was hitting threat level midnight & taking on my next adventure in toys, & entertainment merchandising for the fine folks at NECA. Over my 5 years there my skills were greatly refined, expanded, and grew tremendously. Garnering a more steady grasp on the aspects and proper execution of package and print design, layout, merchandising, and product development. My years there played a heavy role in my better understanding of main stream design and how to best approach and execute it.

Upward & onward to 2015 where Taylor Swift wasn’t the only thing stealing my heart. Sports fitness marketing became my professional art & stuff blank space….where I wrote my name (free ads for Tay-Tay). I took my next step and began work at Gaspari Nutrition, where I reside currently. The past 3 years here have vastly expanded my understanding & execution of marketing, print, digital & packaging design & how to best present for a main stream niche marketplace. Having the opportunity to design for main stream publications such as FLEX & Oxygen magazines, create packaging and apparel designs that reach end users worldwide, & work on digital to print marketing campaigns that go global, has in my belief taking my craft and pushed it to another level, & made me a stronger designer team player & person.

So that’s where I’m at professionally with art & stuff, but fret not art & stuff roots! I  am always available for designing friends album art, various merch & branding for whatever the nonsesne scheme dream of the week is.

Some wise man once said, “complacency is the death of creativity.” And these “artistic” attempts aim to avoid such complacence.

– Nicholas Scragg(lerock)

Over 10 years of professional experience:

  • Print Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital & Social Media Design | Execution
  • Brand Design
  • 3D Modeling & Rendering
  • Illustration
  • Video Editing & Animation
  • Copywriting (Creative & informational)

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